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The purpose of this page is to provide an easy access to sites or pages of related tactical tracking information. In most cases I tried to give a brief description of the site or its content of interest. I provided some sites that are strictly wildlife/naturalist sites, that I thought were useful. Because as you know 99% of those skills cross-over into the man-tracking arena. Remember, if you can track an animal you can track a human (in most cases). If you know of a site or page not listed let me know and I will add it. TTA does not endorse any site listed or is responsible for the sites posted content.

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Tactical Tracking Operations School (TTOS)
  • This is the premier school for and dedicated to teaching tactical / combat tracking. The school is operated and owned by the world famous David Scott-Donelan, former Rhodesian SAS, Selous Scout, RLI and South African 5th Recce. David has over 30 years of tracking experience with more than half that tracking down armed terrorist in the African bush wars. David also authored the book "Tactical Tracking Operations".

A Naturalist's World
  • Has classes on animal tracking and also offers books, visual aids and videos for the training of trackers.

Tom Brown's Tracker School
  • Tom's school has a lot of tracking classes available, none are tactical or sole human tracking course, but the courses do cover a lot of information and training from one of the best (non-tactical) tracker on the planet. He has also authored various tracking books which can be obtained from the site. The site maintains lots of information on tracking and training.

Universal Tracking Services (UTS)
  • This man-tracking school provides training for SAR, LE, and military. They predominately teach the non-aggressive step-by-step method of tracking, which the schools excellent reputation is most known for. They also provide aggressive tracking for LE and military.

African Survival
  • Provides instruction in tracking man or beast. Instruction is based on Southern African Special Forces training and experience from their Bush wars in Rhodesia and South Africa..
Nature & Vision Tracking School
  • This school offers courses of study for developing tracking from the basics to advanced levels. Provides two human tracking courses geared toward military and LE man-tracking. This is one of the better schools for military sensitivity.

Wilderness Awareness School
  • This school offers various nature course to include tracking. Excellent wilderness awareness skills ideal for scouts and snipers.

Tracks And Trees Learning Center
  • Offers animal tracking courses at reasonable prices, as well as other primitive skills training.

National Wilderness Training Center
  • NWTC offers training in tracking in various courses and on request, for military and LE.

Fox Enterprises International, Inc.
  • FEI provides a unique blend of Military, Law Enforcement, and Security training. They offer specific courses in patrolling and tactical tracking.

Tactical Firearms Training Team
  • TFTT offers a combat fieldcraft course, which includes a tracking block of instruction.

Precision Rifle International
  • PRI offers consulting and training in sniper marksmanship and skills, to include instruction in tracking as part of core classes. They also provide custom courses.
Blackwater Training Center
  • On request Blackwater will run a Tactical Tracking course. They also can incorporate it in to other courses as "blocks" of instruction within core courses, for example the sniper or surveillance courses.

Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy
  • The academy offers two courses in man-tracking, "Fundamentals of Man-Tracking" and "Advanced Man-Tracking", both are 50 hours of instruction.
  • Offer a basic tracking course, which covers patrolling and fieldcraft. Based on South African techniques.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
  • TEMA provides tactics courses in Basic and advanced Visual Tracking and also a Tactical Manhunt Operations course. All are primarily geared for LE and SAR.

Surgical Shooting Inc.
  • SSI offers a 5-day Man-Tracking course for military and LE.

Practical Shooting Academy Inc.
  • Three specialty courses run by PRA are Tactical Tracking, Tracking and Surveillance, and Rural Tracking Operations. Duration of courses are 6 to 10 days long.

SWAT Operations International
  • The training group provides intensive tactical tracking instruction in two courses, Urban Tracking and Rural Tracking. For military and LE only.

OSI Network
  • OSI has courses for tactical tracking and scout operations. OSI also offers the VHS tape "Man-Tracking", which provides an overview of tactical tracking operations.

HSS International Special Operations Training
  • On request HSS offer instruction on Tactical Tracking or will incorporate into existing courses.

Cedar Creek Nature Studies
  • CCNS offers two man-tracking classes, Basic and Advanced. Both are two-days long of intensive instruction, day and night.

Storm Mountain
  • This training center offers tactical courses in tracking on request or in conjunction with other courses.

Global Studies Group, Inc.
  • GSGI provides training in small unit tactics, to include tactical tacking.

Chesapeake Area Shoeprint and Tire-Track (C.A.S.T.)
  • Provides a database for footwear and tire impressions for trackers and LE. Also has excellent information on casting impressions on various ground covers.
Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia
  • Another hub for SAR personnel to gather and get information. Site maintains a human tracker discussion forum.

Snohomish Trackers
  • This site maintains excellent man-tracking pages with some very good information that is applicable to the military tracker as well.

United States Search And Rescue Task Force
  • Site maintains some pages on tracking and other reference information.

Parkland Search And Rescue Society
  • Provide instruction in man-tracking for SAR and LE. Some of the instruction is FREE and some are pay classes, for example their joint UTS tracking classes.
  • Site offers various SAR information and training. This site is primarily a SAR dedicated.

Superior Search & Rescue
  • Offers a free SAR training booklet, that is print ready. Has reference to man-tracking in it.

Southwest Association of Trackers (SWAT)
  • For the study, research, dissemination, and practical application of the art and science of visual tracking for LE, military, SAR, wildlife studies, and nature awareness.


Military Working Dogs
  • The premier site on the web for the military dog handler. Lots of useful information and excellent link source.
US Tactical K9
  • Tactical training for LE, SAR and military in K9 operations. Branch of Thunderstorm K9.

Connecticut Police Work Dog Association
  • This site is to assist, unite and promote LE service dogs. They run training and seminars on Advanced Tracking and Tactical Tracking with and without K9.

Thunderstorm K9
  • This school is to instruct handlers/trackers not so much the K9, in various subjects to include tracking/trailing techniques.

Canine Training Academy
  • Has a page on trailing tips for the visual tracker.
Sniper Country
  • This is the ultimate sniper site on the web. It has a lot of patrolling, scouting, and fieldcraft, as well as some tracking information.

  • Excellent sniper site with numerous topics and related information.
The Rucksack
  • Excellent site with plenty of useful bushcraft information (to include pages on tracking man or beast) for the military and civilian alike.

Sniper's Paradise
  • This is what I would say is the sister site to "Sniper County", with just as good reputation.

  • A links site for patrolling, scouting, sniping and special operations, this is a very vast page with a lot of useful links and data.
Alamo Scouts
  • WWII elite scouting unit that operated in the pacific theater with the US Army. These highly skilled scouts are direct descendents of today's Green Berets.

Selous Scouts
  • Once the most feared counter-insurgency force on the African continent. Selous Scouts were expert man-trackers, masters of bushcraft and pseudo-terrorist specialist of the Chimurenga War (1966-1980).

Australia's Tracker Dogs
  • A look at Australia's involvement in Vietnam, with their use and employment of trackers and scout dogs.
Combat Tracker Team
  • A site dedicated to Vietnam veterans who were assigned as trackers or dog handlers. Also provide K-9 and tracker training for military and law enforcement.
Vietnam Dog Handler Association
  • Association site for ALL military dog handlers, trackers, and vet techs, who served in "War Dog" units.
38th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog
  • This site has a section dedicated to K9/tracker training with selected chapters from FM 20-20.

47th Scout Dog Platoon
  • This the official web site of the 47th INF Platoon. Excellent look into the history of the scout dog.
War Dogs
  • A site to educate Americans about the war dogs and the pivotal role they played in the Vietnam War.

International Society of Professional Trackers
  • This is a worldwide organization for the purpose of connecting all kinds of trackers; animal, SAR, LE, and military. For the purpose of promoting and exchanging information on tracking.

Human Tracker Discussion Forum
  • Title says it all. The page is mostly geared toward SAR, but covers all types of tracking disciplines. A good place to find answers to your tracking questions.
Mountain Trackers Association
  • MTA is a organization of volunteers that teach visual tracking as well as other pertinent mountain related skills. They maintain a few pages of information on tracking skills.
Pacific Northwest Trackers
  • The mission of PNT is to seek and promote excellence in the skills of tracking, and to assist LE and SAR assets when needed.

Dave Kay's Tracking Page
  • Kay experimenting with photographic and computer-processed images that help make tracks stand out.
Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den
  • Kim's site provides primarily information on animal tracking, but has some human tracking and SAR pages. Site maintains original pictures and has a good links section.

Visual Tracking
  • This is a Vietnam veterans page on man-tracking, with interesting information on the trackers "6th sense" and selected downloadable pages from FM 7-40.
Ontario Trackers
  • Excellent on-line source for all tracking topics. 
Tracker Trail
  • Sister site to Ontario Trackers, this is just vast site of  survival and tracking skills information geared toward the naturalist, but still very relevant.
Florida Signcutters and Trackers Club
  • A site dedicated to promoting the art of tracking for naturalist, SAR, LE and military. No one is left out here.

Tracking and Signcutting Club
  • A discussion site for anyone interested in tracking and signcutting.
Florida Signcutters and Tracking Group
  • This group is for anyone interested in tracking of man and wildlife, including law enforcement, Military, SAR, hunters, and recreational trackers. Discussions is focused on step-by-step tracking.
  • Provides the outstanding shoe covering for "silencing" movement and minimizing ground spoor.
  • This an excellent tracking site operated by Louis Liebenberg author of "The Art Of Tracking" and various other tracking titles. This site has a lot of good information, particularly concerning  the handheld "CyberTracker". This little device is fascinating, I can see a definite military application with some modifications with the software.

dbS Productions
  • Offers related books, video and training material to do with tracking humans. Also provides a 50 hour course, Signcutting and Tracking for SAR.

Ghillie Suits
  • This company produces excellent 3D camouflage/ghillie suites for military and law enforcement. They have one outstanding garment the "Trackers Ghillie". It is a superb alternate to full suits, being ideal for the fast paced follow-up, due to its light weight.

Emergency Response Institute Inc.
  • ERI's bookstore has two items of interest, the first is an instruction set for giving tracking classes called "Introduction To Track Awareness" and the second item is a VHS tape called "Tracking Awareness: The Art Of Sign Cutting".
Hoods Woods
  • Dr. Hood offers a VHS tape from his Woodmaster video series called "Fundamentals Of Tracking"

SAR Outfitter
  • This site offers a high quality Tracking Stick. Not recommended for Aggressive man-tracking, but ideal for training and instructors.

Medicine Hawk Publications
  • Offers the excellent book by Tom Hanratty "The Art and Science of Tracking Man and Beast". A very entertaining and informative book.
Custom Concealment Inc.
  • This company also produces light weight and custom ghillie suits ideal for the tracker.

World Survival Institute
  • Offer a VHS tape on tracking called "Tracking And Ambush", this tape has very few "gems" but will definitely show you a lot of techniques that would not work, if being tracked by trained trackers.

Acorn Naturalists
  • Provides educational material (books, video, outlines, props) on tracking for the classroom and trail. Its geared toward animal tracking but with some adaptation much of it can be used for human tracking instruction as well.

Tactical Resources International, Inc.
  • T.R.I. provides on-the-ground operational tactical and investigative tracking, surveillance, patrolling, and reconnaissance resources and related consulting services to law enforcement, security, executive protection, fugitive recovery, and related operations worldwide. TRI's executive director is David Scott-Donelan; former Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scout.



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